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Dissident Arms NNS-14


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Hey guys,


Any of you run DA NNS-14  (14 inch barrel with Pinned Brake) in competition?


I wonder if anyone had ran both shorty and fullsize and what are your thoughts. I know it will require 1/2-1 tighter choke to get same pattern as KL-12 (19 inch barrel) and obviously some velocity loss.


NNS-14 looks like it would be easier to operate in tighter spaces and I was told that it is just as reliable as full size KL-12 model I have.


And of course its just simply looks BADASS!





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a friend i shoot with is having his cr12 converted to a kl12 shorty as we speak, i'm hoping to play with it when it's done, i'll reply again if i remember.  if i like it enough i'll send my lk12 in for conversion too.  i've rarely found that i need a shorter barrel though that wont hurt, it's when reloading that less nose weight could feel really nice in one hand.

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12 minutes ago, Kitzmiller_3GUN said:

I’ve shot both.. You’re accurate with a little velocity loss. I’ve seen the shorty run on 1225 FPS shells. The chokes work just fine, and the gun runs solid so far. The shorty belongs to a friend, and I have a full size gun. 


would you hesitate to use shorty in serious competition match over your KL-12? Is there any draw back and how much does velocity drop effects knockdown power?

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Have shot it; was very easy to reload vs the competition/factory... actually, really easy to reload with the modifications they did to it.


Everything on it was low profile and easy to get into if you're used to a modern AR. I've seen the Dissident guys wreck with it at matches.  Just watched one shoot an entire match with slugs, with one.

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I have a nns-14 kL-12 that in have been shooting for the last two weeks and I am really liking the short gun.  I moved to this from a 19 inch kL-12 that was 100% for the last year and over 5k.  My first major with the short gun is next week so I will see how that goes


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