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CZ P10C Optics Ready vs. S&W M&P 2.0C in 9mm


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Hi all. Looking for a new carry gun that I can mount an RMR on instead of my Sig P365, for deep concealment and running and occasional range / competition fun.
Two serious contenders are the CZ P10C OR and the S&W M&P 2.0 Compact with a dovetail mount for a red dot. Milling the slide isn't available in my region.


Co-witnessing is not really important to me, whereas holster compatibility is. I previously owned a P10C and full size M&P (Gen1). Both guns fit more or less the same Kydex holsters. The P10C was more comfortable with the stock trigger, but all my M&Ps have been improved with Apex triggers. Cost is not really a concern. I'm a lefty and had no problem manipulating the controls on either gun. In my current arsenal I have a longslide M&P set up with an RMR on a dovetail mount (OuterImpact) and a 3.5 lb Apex trigger, which I am beginning to shoot well.


I bought the P365 for carry while running, for which I use a SmartCarry groin holster worn at 12:00. Prior, I had no problem carrying a Glock 19 or a P10C in the same position. Beavertails aren't fun however.

So given these circs, if you could choose one gun out of the two, which would it be? Inputs are welcome.

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