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Stoeger M3K ammo selection?


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New Stoeger M3K has run flawlessly for the first 100 shells using Winchester universal 1 1/8 bird shot and Remington gun club 1 oz and 1 1/8oz loads.  It has also cycled Fiocchi 1oz reduced recoil aeroslugs perfectly.  The gun is cycling everything I have put in it, but I cannot comment yet on slug accuracy because I have to learn the stock sight picture and how to aim at various distances.


If entering 3 gun matches that require birdshot, buck, and slugs, I will need a variety of ammo.  I have never purchased or shot any buckshot loads, ever.


I would appreciate hearing your experiences with various offerings with this gun.

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i like the federal and hornady low recoil 8 pellet 00 buck at 1140fps i think it is.  if your gun cycles them theyll probably well too, the fiocchi low recoil buck is real soft shooting.


slugs youre right with the aeroslugs, federal and hornady low recoil are good too but a different POI in mine than fiocchi


the only birdshot mine didnt like was a case of federal top gun that had a crappy crimp, they'd stovepipe occasionally and even got hung up in my trap pump gun.  for practice, trap, sporting clays, i'll usually shoot federal walmart stuff or estate, but for a 3g match i shoot winchester AA 1-1/8oz 7.5 at 1200fps, or really any of the other premium hulled shells.  the cases are really nice and slick so i feel they load nicer too.  and it's only a few dollars more over a match if you dont get them at rebate time

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8 hours ago, Snausages32 said:

Has anyone tried or had any luck with the 7/8oz aero slugs from Fiocchi?  I've only ever used 1oz slugs in my Stoeger so far.




7 hours ago, IntenseImage said:

That's all we use

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Same here, they shoot great. Got a couple 80 round boxes in a nice little case from sportsman's Guide a couple of years ago. 

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