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Apex barrel in a new 2.0, is it needed?


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How does it group. If it’s shooting 4” or less, you may not see much practical benefit on the clock. If it’s less than 3” then you definitely don’t need one. If it’s worse than 6” then go for it. 


One of my stock 1.0s shot 8” groups with factory ball. Apex dropped those groups to 4”. 

High quality reloads with Hornady bullets printed about 5”. Apex took those to 2”. 


I also have a 1.0 that is a consistent 5” gun and I have not put the money into changing that bbl. 


i just got a great Christmas deal on a shield and it printed a 2” group with those hornady XTP reloads with stock bbl. 


BTW - all groups shot at 25 yds. 

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It depends what makes you feel better about it and what that may or may not be worth to you vs the cost and time.   I prefer to know my gun is shooting the best it can so I know anything less is me and what I need to improve.   I am a bit of nerd in this fashion  I look at numbers and science.  I want things as good as they can get within reason.  With all the money I will spend on ammo over the life of the barrel.  The barrel cost is not even a blip on the screen of the budget.  But others see at as that much more ammo they could buy or make. Its personal choice.


If your gun from a good rest with a good shooter and load can do 2" for 5 @ 25 yds I would only get the gunsmith fit barrel if you get one.  Honestly I would never get or recommend anything less as I do not see the point when you are spending that kind of money not to take a couple hours and fit it.  Not to mention you could be stuck doing it anyways with the semi drop in just less strokes. 


But I know from Randy and the numerous targets he has posted over the years since the barrels were released that if you handload you can almost certainly get 1" groups @ 25  from the gunsmith and in fact he has had a number of them do very close that from 50 yd.   That right there is good bullseye gun territory.  To be clear this is from a ransom rest. 


But you do have to load for accuracy.  Meaning JHPs and good powered etc .  Not just the cheapest lead or coated bullett loaded to PF with whatever powder to practice with where you call anything under 4" good enough.   IIRC the ASYM load was hitting that top kind of accuracy level from the barrel when Randy was testing prior to release.   Randy stated they used SB 115  as their main test ammo and it was very accurate and relatively cheap and the barrel seemed to really like it.


For me I like the idea of having a great trigger better than any other poly framed gun and then having accuracy as good as some of the better bullseye guns.  That for me inspires confidence for me in my gun and knowing what its capable of.  Also have never had any reliability issues either not that I am dragging it thru mud and not cleaning it for thousands upon thousands of rounds.


For a load I always have good luck with for shooting tiny holes on top of each other even out to 50 yards.


115 HAP

Starline Case (NEW)

4.6gr VV N340

Win primers

1.130 COAL


Crimp 0.375" just enough to touch the bullet evenly and take the bell out of the case.

Vel around 1100-1125 seems the sweet spot. I shoot a 5" ProCORE 


But anywhere from 4.5-5.0 grains and 1.100-1.135 COAL seems to work well depending on the gun.   CFE is also a great powder if VVs 330 340 are hard to find.




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