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Ruger PCC

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I have a Ruger PC9 that I am running glock mags in.  I have tried factory mags and two different aftermarket mags.  Factory ammo in 124 gr and 115 gr, as well as multiple reloads using FMJ, JHP and cast lead RN with W-231, W-572, W-Auto-Comp and VV N-320.  With all of these I have gotten anywhere from 7-10% malfunctions, primarily the classic stovepipe.  At first I thought it was because I was using a Caldwell brass catcher and the brass was bouncing back.  Took the brass catcher off and it made no difference.  I am running the carbine stock, except for an optic sight.  Any thoughts, suggestions?  I am at my wits end and ready to send it back to the factory.

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10 hours ago, patdeberry said:

  factory mags and  Factory ammo in 124 gr and 115 gr,   7-10% malfunctions, primarily the classic stovepipe.  


When I hear the word "stovepipe", I automatically think "too much spring for the load".


Since these are factory ammo, and a wide assortment of mags, the only thing I can think

of is your recoil spring is too strong.   I'd try a lighter spring.    :) 

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So I had this issue with both PC carbines I have........what I did was tweak the ejector up a little so that it just rubs on the bolt.....not to much, but a little. This in turn cause a little issue in that the ejector now was catching in the split between the bolt and bolt carrier (yes, it is 2 pieces). I took and polished a radius on the 2 sharp corners and it seems to have fixed the issue as I've not had any feed issues or stove pipes since.


For the record......I run factory blazer brass or aluminum 124gr ammo or PMC gold 124gr ammo


PS.......while a recoil spring could be an issue, it is not in the case of the PC Carbine, the issue is that the case was not getting a good hit on the ejector due to it being too low. There can be about 3 reasons why stovepipes happen......extractor tension, too much spring weight (not hitting the ejector with enough power), or the ejector is not in a good position (in the case of the PC Carbine, it's the ejector being too low)


I've attached a pic showing the slight rub marks on the bolt/bolt carrier and the polishing I did at the split.1925859731_rugerpcfix.thumb.png.002b1640eb1332d537de3d8d6ee99a22.png

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On 2/9/2019 at 8:03 PM, TNREDNECK said:

It can also be too much spring, when trying different weights on my SCS I installed 5 tungsten weights and would get a stove pipe occasionally with  135 grain ammo at 150 PF took 1 tungsten out no more stove pipes , also with factory ammo no stove pipes . FYI 

pretty much a no with the Ruger and factory ammo

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My ruger had far more ejection issues with factory ammo vs minor PF reloads. Seemed like the lower bolt speed helped the extractor hold the case in place. Mine required both extractor and ejector tweeking to run 100%. It was perfect for about 2k then started giving issues.

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