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East Coast Action Pistol Triple Cup Challenge

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I have received approval, from the match directors, to announce the East Coast Action Pistol Triple Cup Challenge. 

Matches will be as follows:

Michigan Regional              May 18, 2019

Pennsylvania Regional       July 20, 2019

Virginia Regional                 September 28, 2019

Awards will be first, second and third in Open, Metallic and Production. A shooter must shoot all three matches to qualify. Awards will be presented after the Virginia regional awards in September.

As soon as I get the Virginia match documents finished, I'll post them also.



2019 sunset combined.doc

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Good afternoon Guys.


I think this is a great idea.

All going well I will be shooting all the matches for this event.

( Money and my wife will be the only thing keeping me away )

For me these three events are the best run matches and a hole lot of fun. to the match directors thank you for all your efforts for the work you do for us.



Canadian AP shooter, but only in the USA we don't plat this game up here, to hard for the goof balls who love to pray and spray.

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