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Question - SPS Pantera fit into DAA Racemaster STI Block?


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Searched the forums and didn't find anything, so here goes...

Those of you that are running SPS pistols in Limited; have you fit one to a Racemaster insert block? I have one set up for my STI Egde and tried putting the Pantera in it, but the lock won't engage. Watched the video on YouTube on DAA block fitment, but wondering if I should just take the Dremel to the trigger guard on the pistol so my Edge will still work in it?


Advise or experience requested....


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No idea on the specifics of that trigger guard but I would suggest filing the DAA insert to fit the gun rather than filing grip on the gun. The insert is a $50 piece if it gets messed up. 


I'd skip the dremel and use hand files to ensure you aren't taking too much material all at once. Dremel can take too much really quickly.

The grip could be a lot more involved if it gets messed up.

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Added info about hand filing
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I use the same holster for my Pantera and my sti. But I don’t have a Racemastsr holster. I have both a set of racer, and racemaster pouches though, and they’re awsome. I use a Ghost “the one” race holster and I can use it for both my Pantera, and plastids grip sti. I don’t though, I like kydex for limited. I have a bladetech hokster. I don’t think it’s any slower on the draw compared to a race holster. I kinda regret not buying the racemaster holster, but coming from a Glock and a safariland 014, I was stuck on muzzle support. I’m suprised it doeant fit. Sti and sps plastic grips are so similar. 

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9 hours ago, bjlmertens said:

I have an SPS Vista Star open gun.
I use the SPS/Bull SAS insert in my racemaster.

Did you have to file the block at all?  With my Pantera the engaging portion fits the guard perfectly. But the top of the block ( the beveled tips) hit the grip and the radius on the outside top of the  trigger guard hits the bottom of the slot in the block.  It wont go all the way in and the safety cant engage. 

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