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TV/Monitor based dry fire


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Any good training devices/software out there ?
Been out of shooting for about 10 years and see lots of new gadgets,,  Was wondering about training aids.
Basically looking for something I can put on tv, with some kinda transmitter I put in my actual gun to shoot at the tv or computer monitor,, I mean Nintendo had Duck hunt in the 80's. , 

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I saw this on YouTube and ran it a few times.  It's video game level fun.  It doesn't exercise your eyes focus near to far like you can set up with mini cardboard dry fire targets in the basement.  I've only found the one video on youtube like it.  Easy to Chromecast to my living room tv.


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These are super helpful for dry firing swingers and other specialty targets that you don’t get to work very often.  Perhaps they’re also useful if you can’t really set up a dry fire space for whatever reason.


Beyond that, I think their utility is a bit limited.  Wish I knew what software they were using so I could build some of these.

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