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Large Frame Limited Elite Basepads


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I"m looking at these basepads for my Limited Elite. The factory basepads have a small screw that keeps them from sliding off. I lost one and If I'm not careful when I load it  and have it resting on something the basepad will slide forward and the spring flies out. Here's my questions; I'm wanting to try these aftermarket basepads but I don't see anything keeping them from sliding like the factory Tanfoglio silver basepads. Will they stay in place or is the solution just not in the pictures?


EAA/Tanfoglio Witness Large Frame Easy Off Aluminum Extended Basepad / Base Pad by ShockBottle





Tanfoglio / Grand Power Aluminum Base Plate for Large Frame Magazines [H250-T]



Thanks in advance. I've got 6 45acp, 6 9mm and have 1 10mm, soon to be six so I want to invest wisely on getting these basepads.


Thanks in advance,







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