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Spontaneous Ruger PC9 disassembly

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2 minutes ago, Steve RA said:

That is interesting, wonder if anyone else has experienced that ???  Yours is the first post I've seen pointing out that problem.

It has happened. I think I read about it in a field test in NRA mag or something. Had to send it back if I recall.

 I won’t buy take down guns for this reason.

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Guy I know got one that would come apart slowly while shooting. If memory serves the barrel/forend would rotate slightly and then prevent the bolt from going fully into battery. I at least got to witness the "malfunctions" at a Steel Challenge match, but didn't get to handle it personally. He sent it back to Ruger (I believe he said twice), they said it was fine, the outfit he bought it from offers a satisfaction guarantee and eventually just refunded his money.

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Got a bunch of guys here at the local club running them and we just tighten the barrel/taken down nut until you can barley take it apart. Never had it loosen up or see anyone else’s loosen up once set up like this. Have about 5000 rounds through mine.

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Interesting, I've got over 1000 rounds through mine of fast shooting and no signs of unlocking. I do tighten the lock down nut with the rifle apart, then force it back together. Locking nut has never once loosened up once assembled. Definitely something I'll watch for though.

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I was probably the first person this ever happened to, I was in talks with Ruger Engineers/Head of their PCC product line guys. This is a design flaw with the takedown pin. They use a really tapered pin to seat into the receiver, unfortunately it provides no ability to lock it into place. I find that the "locking" nut actually does not prevent this at all. It's easily replicated by pulling the fore end into your shoulder and twisting at the same time. I checked out a newer PCCarbine at the gun shop and it seems they may have a newer style takedown pin that should fix this. I ended making my own takedown pins that had no taper and milled the receiver to match. I went from barely getting over 5 rounds before it would break free to 12,000 with no issues. I hope they get this fixed for you (Mine was back and forth for two months with Ruger before they gave up and offered me a refund etc, I ended up fixing it myself). Video back from April 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cST_3Ds7Dnk


I no longer use the Ruger in competition since mag changes were holding me back in classifications. I now run a JP with zero problems 5K+ since mid December.

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