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December 2018 AND January 2019 MOM award


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Where does the time go? First it's New Years Eve, then the next thing you know it's a boring Super Bowl. Oh well.  It's time ( and past time) to announce the MOM award winners. This is a double award post due to my procrastination. I plead overwork, climate change and the Russians.This post will announce the December 2018 and January 2019 winners. 


The December 2018 MOM is a very long time member. He joined the Forums in 2003. For all you math majors out there, that's 16 years. He is always available to help. Whether it's a question about reloading or the best choice for a pistol for competition, he is there with an answer. For 16 years he has made us proud with his embracing of Brian's Prime Directives. Share and contribute. Please join Brian and the Moderators in congratulating the December 2018 MOM award winner..The member called Sue....RePete. :cheers:


Second and by no means last, is the January 2019 MOM award winner. He is a more recent addition to the Forums. He has been a member since 2013 but has been very active in the Forums. He has a wealth of knowledge on gunsmithing and will answer your questions on barrels, sears etc. Got a question on milling a slide? He's there. Got a question on barrel tempering? Done. My favorite is this little gem...."My experience is that if you try to bend it it will crack". I think I'll put that up on the wall of my workbench. ;) He is always free to help and participate on the Forums.A fine example of Brian's Prime Directives.  Please join Brian and the Moderators in congratulating the January 2019 MOM recipient...the member with the bad a$$ sunglasses...itdmstr. :cheers:

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