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What's more fun?

What's more fun?  

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Again at a point where I'm contemplating a new toy. Production and limited are fun but I'd like to try something new with an optic. Myuestion right now though, is should I go for a carry optics setup (sig p320 x5 or less likely, a Walther q5, canik tp9sfx, or Glock Gen 5 mos) versus a pcc setup (Ruger PC carbine, or less likely due to cost an AR9 build)


What do people find more fun to shoot?

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PCC allows you to game a little more and is faster pace
- shooting far targets from one box
- no reloads

I haven't tried carry optics yet,
but even the awesome carry optics shooters I've seen,
do have to dial it back a little compared to Open & PCC

probably depends on your skill set(rifle vs. pistol) as well


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Hello: Anything with a dot on top is the most fun. I like shooting PCC, Carry Optics and Open. I shoot a Sig MPX and AR9's for PCC. Carry Optics is a Glock 17 with a Brownells RMR slide. For open it is a 2011 in 9mm. Since you have a Production setup I would get a pistol that is the same as your Production pistol. That way you have mags belt etc. Thanks, Eric

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My first, albeit short PCC match was back in 2012 or thereabouts with a G17 in a Roni carbine. It was great fun.
Today I enjoy the challenge of IPSC Production Optics Division, because it's more about the shooter than about the gear and the stage planning process is different.

This is just my opinion of course - hope it helps!

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