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True Detective


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Anyone watch it??!!  The seasons are not tied to each other so it’s esentially like watching a 7 hour movie!  Season build and Inhave to say Season 1 may be the greatest series i personay have ever watched.  It’s sriously amazing.  Matthew McConaughey plays one of the best tv show characters I’ve seen-probably my favorite:). Simply awesome.


Season 2 was ok, but did not come close to Season 1.  You can watch it and enjoy it, but prepare yourself to be very disappointed if you are expecting what Season 1 produced.


Season 3 just started (we are three weeks in) and I have to say...Yes!!!  To this point it’s been amazing.  Not quite on the level of the first season, but it’s got all the elements to make it great!


if you all have not gotten a chance to watch them yet, 100% endorse doing so! 

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Season 1 was great,the only thing about good about 2 was the shootout.This season really good.The acting is Emmy worthy.This season does tie into season 1.They mentioned the pedophile ring in La. with the blue spirals and have shown a screen shot of Hart and Cole ( from season 1 )a couple of times.

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On 3/6/2019 at 8:36 PM, dapribek said:

Watched 1 and 3 and enjoyed them. Skipped 2 because of the terrible reviews. 

It was the right decision! I loved the 1st season! The actors are great! The 2nd season disappointed me at once, so I decided not to watch it. The 3rd is good, but not as good as the 1st one. I read that the 4th season is supposed to release in 2020 or 2021. Who knows, maybe it will be good.

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