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Silhouette 9mm major


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It's a very accurate barrel for sure. Off hand at 25 yrds easily 1 in groups. I ran them through 2 different chronos same day and again yesterday. 7.0 gr 1356 fps low 1382 low. 168/171 pf. Loaded some more today at 7.0 and 7.1 and will confirm for the 3rd time. I wanna make sure I'm hitting my pf. 

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A, you are okay where you are, but you may be pushing your luck.  I used to say that as long as the slowest load in a ten or 20 shot string made major you were good to go.  One of my favorite Silhouette loads had an SD of 7.84.  The slowest round was 167 PF; average was 168.  Then a friend got bumped to minor at a match, because his load tested 164 PF.  He had passed chrono at several other matches with the same load, so he was pissed.


The way you chrono affects the outcome.  The best (fastest) reading it when the bullet travels down the centerline of the chrono and parallel to the sensor ports.  The chronos at Level II and III matches are set up at the specified 10'  .  The RO aims at the same spot (or as close as he can) all the time.  With an Open gun where the dot is 2: above the bore, aiming at the 'same' spot means the bullet is traveling along a path not quite parallel to the ports.  So the reading is a little lower than the actual velocity.  So for a long time I've shot for 172 PF.   That gives me a large margin for error.  At the last Level III, that is exactly what the chrono'd.  However, you can't count on that.  Next match may be 171, or 170, or 173.  I don't care.  I have enough leeway that I'll never get bumped to minor.


BTW, the gun runs better at 172.

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On 2/3/2019 at 4:24 PM, Adrenaline said:

It's a very accurate barrel. Off hand at 25 yrds easily 1" groups. 


WOW.   I missed this before.


That is almost unbelievable shooting - doubt many people can duplicate that feat.    :cheers:


But, I bet I can easily triple that group size   :( 

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