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What's the most unsafe thing you've seen at a match?

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On ‎5‎/‎24‎/‎2019 at 12:14 PM, ima45dv8 said:

The more I think about the most dangerous thing I've seen at a match, I keep coming back to this guy who DQ'd his wife...

He'd have to turn the radio up REAL LOUD on the drive home. And, stopping on the way at her favorite restaurant might not hurt.    🤗

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2 hours ago, Hi-Power Jack said:


Was that John Wick or Arnold ?


You wouldn't believe what I would have said, after I was resuscitated.     :eatdrink:


It was very, very gross. He was cool as a cucumber though. The rangemaster went with him to the ER because he was concerned about liability problems coming back on the range. That was honestly the last time I shot there. 

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3 hours ago, Hi-Power Jack said:

I believe that too many people are DQ'd for reasons that are against the written rules,

but no one was actually endangered by their infraction.


Isn't that the gold standard for good safety rules and good safety rule enforcement? We want to dq people before other people are actually put in danger. If that is not the intent then I need to find another hobby. 

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