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What's the most unsafe thing you've seen at a match?

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1 hour ago, IHAVEGAS said:


Didn't some of the professional sports outlaw cleats to prevent injury to the wearer? I might be remembering wrong or it may not be relevant (there is usually not all that much blocking and tackling at USPSA/IDPA matches), but I thought the deal with cleats is that sometimes they work too well. 

Football players were getting hurt by taking a blow to the leg, and the foot refusing to break free from artificial turf. Something’s gotta give.


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48 minutes ago, Joe4d said:

I seem to remember a turf issue debate in foot ball. Most of the players prefered grass, due to its give. Some artificial turf grabbed to well and only the speedsters liked it. The rest were getting knee injuries.


That sounds right.


At his senior HSFB homecoming game a friend was hit low and from the side with his right foot planted, trashed the knee and the film is pretty gut wrenching. That was on grass though. 

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