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Barrel nut removal over JP comp

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Does anyone know if the JP barrel nut will slide over the JP comp for a 9mm JP light weight contoured barrel?


I want to replace the handguard with an Odin so as to lighten up my PCC.


Thanks for your help.


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It should.

JP barrel nut may require a special JP wrench. You are not that far from me.



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Jerseyglock is right,  you will need a special tool from JP.  Call them and tell them you need the M tool to remove the barrel nut. They will do the transaction while you are on the phone with them. Very friendly customer service. 

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JP is sending me a barrel nut wrench no charge to me (with another order) and explained in detail how do the change along with a lot of info about short stroking my SCS. JP has one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. They've got a customer for life.

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Thanks for the help everyone.


I called JP and they are sending me the barrel nut wrench as well.


It looks like the nut will slide over the comp.

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