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Sdb owner here. I love it stared off loading 9mm over 15 years ago then sold it and moved to a 650 years later. Recently upgraded to a 1050 but my son wanted his own press to load 9mm and he wanted a sdb. He loves it and tell you the truth it’s cool to have one again. Hell I like it so much I like using it to 😂 

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Absolutely hands down the 550. The SDB may be auto-indexing but doesnt have provisions for a case feeder or bullet feeder. No net benefit to the auto-indexing if it isn't feeding a case also.

Indexing in the 550 is the fastest most mindless part of using it. You have to place a bullet and shell anyways. Buy the bullet tray. The secret is to rest your hand on the bullet tray, grab a bullet while pulling the handle down. After priming the case move your left hand to index the shell plate while your right hand grabs a case. Seat the bullet and the case at the same time. It's quite easy to coordinate.

If you're shooting less than 500 rounds per week, I'd probably go with a 550. More than that, 650 IMO

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