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What Powder for A Single Port Comp 9 minor

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18 hours ago, zzt said:

5.6 WA under a 115 is the exact load my friend shoots for SC.  He uses a HAP instead of the DP.


There is no reason to load to 1.165" for minor.  The Everglades major ammo runs 1.145".  The minor runs 1.135".  As long as their minor loads feed well, you should run around that OAL.  You'll use less powder, it will keep the pressure up and burn cleaner.  Loading long is a necessity for major if you use gobs of slow powder.  Definitely not for minor.  I'd start using Hodgdon's recommended starting loads and work up from there.  Remember, you have only one comp port, so you want to manage the amount of gas you generate.

 I was thinking more for feeding but I’ll try the Everglades and see how it feeds like you said. Thanks again!

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On 1/18/2019 at 10:35 PM, AHI said:

yes its comped . The gun is a glock with a single port comp.

I use it in 3gun competition. remember all steel must fall ,all spinners 

must spin, etc, no calibration calls. Thats a big reason for the 147 load. Been looking at 2011s real hard just

can't quite make the move.



double taps are fun with this set up.    😂

That sounds awesome. What powder are you running and what charge weight

Oh and if you buy a 2011, look real hard at Atlas Gunworks. 



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Nice and told ya you could use the sport pistol powder.

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