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Are these mods legal for Production and Carry Optics?

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No good for Production

Fine for C/O.  you'll have to look up the NROI amendments on the USPSA website.

You'll find the info that you can mill a slide about any way you want to now for CO.


from the 2/9/18 BOd meeting


Change Logs, PCC Appendix (D8), PCC Rules Addendum, Carry Optics Appendix (D7) PCC Appendix:  • Removed “Provisional” from the title • Clarified that pistol to carbine conversions, e.g., MecTec, are legal, to prevent confusion with AR style pistols in 6 • Added language clarifying use of Full-auto capable firearms to 15 • Added language clarifying use of Binary triggers to 16 • Added references to rules concerning Full Auto and Binary triggers to Special Conditions PCC Rules Addendum: • Added language in PCC 5.1.11 & 5.1.12 regarding full auto and binary triggers respectively • Clarified that safety on is part of the start position in PCC 8.2.3 • Added PCC 10.5.18, defining penalties and definitions for Full Auto, Binary triggers, bump stocks Carry Optics Appendix: • Removed the word “Provisional” from the title • Cleaned up the language to more direct style, removed references to “rulings” and “interpretations” as relevant in all sections.  (Same in Production) • Allowed slide through cuts in 17 and 21.2b Removed the word “contour” from 21.3 regarding barrels (allows fluted, dimpled, etc.) Same in Production • Allowed “small parts” exchange in 21.6 (OFM or Aftermarket) 

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17 hours ago, jcc7x7 said:

https://uspsa.org/documents/minutes/20180209 17c APPENDIX D7 DNROI.pdf

This is the new Appendiz D7 for carry optics and it allows slide work etc


From 21.2b - Milling of slide:


A slide may be modified specifically for the purpose of installing optical sights or cocking serrations.  Textured finishes, grip tape, milling or stippling on the slide to provide texture is also allowed. Cuts designed to specifically or significantly lighten the slide, such as holes, are allowed.



Looks like the last sentence above makes the milling cuts on the slide in the picture I posted legal.


Thanks for the info jcc7x7.

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