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9mm 1911 mag wedged by slide stop on follower

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Trying to work through the growing pains so I can shoot single stack reliably next year. 


Bought a Les Baer 1911 9mm, have never seen an issue when using the 9 round mags supplied with the gun.


With 10 round mags (Tripp Cobra & Wilson Combat) occasionally the left side of the follower will wedge on the slide release and the mag will not come out without cussing and a firm pull. It does not happen usually, but it is often enough for me to plan on it screwing up a stage at every match or possibly every other match. 


Difference between the 9 and the 10's could be dimensional (not obvious to the naked eye if it is) or higher spring force, or random chance that it has not happened with them yet. 


I could mess about with trying to bend the followers to minimize clearance so that the lip that the mag release catches can not tilt away from the tab on the mag release, I could also try a different mag or perhaps some aftermarket follower or spring, I could also see if there is a different mag release that has a tab which extends further and catches a larger area on the follower.


Before I start buying things and destroying perfectly good parts, does anybody have experience with this issue? 

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The metal followers or the notch in the plastic follower is riding over the slide stop.

you need a 9mm slide stop that protrudes further into the magwell.


File it down so it doesn't inter act with the magazine follower at all, making the gun set up same as most limited and open guns.

i.e. no hold open on the last round.

Mine are all set up no to hold open on the last round, same at my limited and open guns.

Yes you have to pay attention but if you go to slide lock your behind the eight ball anyway!

hope that helps, good fortune in SS next year

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Thanks x2.


Went back to the first rule of getting a new gun match ready, if it is dirty as hell then clean it and see if the problem is effected.


There was a clump of carbon build up immediately adjacent to the tab on the slide stop and towards the barrel. Might have interfered with the follower intermittently, time will tell. 

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