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KKM Hybrid Barrels


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Wanted to give you all a heads up! KKM has started producing hybrid 1911/2011 barrels and they are going to be available mid-January. 


The first batch will be all Clark/Para ramp, but we plan to expand to W/N depending on feedback. 


Short chambered so you can ream the barrel to your own specifications. 


The first types that are going to be available are:

5“ OAL non threaded, 355 and 40 


5.4" OAL threaded, 355


5.0" OAL threaded, 355


4.65" OAL threaded, 355


They should be available for pre-order at some point after the new year. If you're interested in getting on a list, send me a PM and I'll make sure to let you know. 



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34 minutes ago, rishii said:

Are they going to mimic the rib shape and length of the Schumann barrels

ive been looking for a 5.4” threaded, with a blank 4 port rib and W/N ramp for a couple of years and I’m sure I’m not the only one

Rib shape will mimic the SV radius on the rear of the rib. W/N will be forthcoming after the initial release. Half ribs are something we are considering as well, depending on how these do. 

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16 hours ago, Fo0 said:

When do you expect the wilson/nowlin ramps? Thanks


No exact plans for a date to have them. A lot depends on demand after initial launch. For example, short rib barrels, different sizes, quantity of each, and ramps all play a part. If you have a certain request shoot me an email at Johnv@shootersconnection.com and I'll take note of customer requests. 

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Hybrid Barrel Pre-Orders are live!


We got confirmation from KKM today that they are being produced right now and should be in stock here before the end of January!


Barrels can be pre-ordered at the below links. Any questions shoot me an email at johnv@shootersconnection.com






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10 hours ago, Deserteaglexxx said:

I need a 5” threaded ASAP. When will they be back in stock?


We are expecting another small batch of 5" threaded 355 hybrid barrels in the next two or three weeks. Shoot me an email at johnv@shootersconnection.com and I can get you on the list to be notified when they come in.


After that, we will be getting another larger batch in mid-late March.

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1 hour ago, Argie said:

Glad to report that the new KKM hybrid barrels mimic the dimensions of the Infinity barrels.


Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

can you throw a caliper on the width of the rib closest to the threads?

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11 hours ago, fredieusa said:

The finish and quality is just simply the best i have seen. I got two, 1 in .40S&W and the 2nd in .355. Would you mark it 9mm if I mail it in? Thanks


Unfortunately we do not have any engraving capability. We left it blank so the owner could mark it however they want. 9mm, 38 super, 38 super comp, 9x23mm, etc.

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