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Matteekay (Matt) is a stand up guy

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Matt sold me a bunch of 9mm bullets and shipped it very promptly through usps. However, USPS didn’t take good care of the package and the sides got torn up badly. Some of the bullets didn’t make it to Florida because of the big holes on the side of the box. The post office patched it up haphazardly and dropped it off at my front door sometime this afternoon while I wasn’t home.


Matt felt bad about the incident and offered to refund more than half of what I paid him. For him to do that in spite not having any control to what happened speaks well about him. He is definitely a great guy to deal with and a tremendous asset to the forum. 


I sent him pictures prior to and immediately after opening the box so he is aware of what going on. I also told him to use the pictures in filing a claim with USPS.


Here are are some pics:











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When shipping anything heavy (like bulk bullets) I wrap all sides of the box in two layers of reinforced packing tape with the threads running perpendicular. Yeah, it takes a good sharp knife to get it open, but at least the gorilla's at Ur Sorry Postal Service, OOOPS and Fred's Ex won't split it open dropping it.


Good that Matt took care of you though. 

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