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Tell me why this is stupid

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15k+ in stock form.

200ish after conversion.

Don't forget that the sp01 was designed and tested for use with +p+ ammo

Im running a shock buff and 10lb recoil spring.

My 135pf production load will not cycle the slide with comp and 10lb spring.

kneelingatlas is the guy to talk too about open major cz's.



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That's really cool that you got it to work so well!  If I was able to get a threaded barrel for my tristar p120, I'd switch that pistol over in a heartbeat.  It runs flawless & it was inexpensive, but I really don't have that much fun using it for lo-cap minor PF production.  I'f I'm going to have 2 rigs, it really ought to be Limited and Open. My wife just told me she would like a pistol of her own (!!!), after all these years of me hoping but not pushing it on her, so the next gun I buy clearly won't be for this project.  

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You would be better served getting a TSO in 40 and putting a comp and the rail mount on it, then you'd be good to go and much more competitive. You also wouldn't have to risk safety trying to fire major 9mm loads from a standard p01 barrel.

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