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Experiences with the Holosun LS177G?

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I have used the Crimson Trace CMR-206 green laser in matches.  The laser seems as bright as current laws allow and I am satisfied with the brightness considering.  It holds zero really well too.


The problem is that I rarely use my lasers in matches--usually only for really big leans where I can't get the rifle on my shoulder.  My club has a lot of Open shooters who hate PCC and we do get a number of stages with huge leans or tight quarters designed to trip up PCC shooters (please don't get me started). 


But when I do use the CMR-206, the failure rate seems really high.  Once a battery died on me despite being a new battery and hardly having any use on it.  The most recent time the unit just stopped working.  With Murphy's Law, both failures were in matches when I needed the laser the most.  I have an email into Crimson Trace for warranty and I am waiting a response.


The Holosun LS177G is two to three times as expensive.  But does anyone have experience with it?  Some questions:


1)  Is it as bright as the CMR-206?


2)  Is it reliable?


3)  How is the quality of the mounting?  Does it hold zero?


4)  How is the battery life?


Many thanks in advance!

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