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Revolver Gear Question - coverage for moonclip holders?

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Hello to the vest and jacket crowd!


I'm getting set up to do some IDPA matches over winter and I'm bringing my wheelgun with me. I've pored over the rulebook and think I have a decent handle on things (even if they don't always make sense... but whatever, I'll shoot .357's in order to use moons...?) but I'd like to get a read on my moonclip holders. 


These are the ones I'm planning on using:



I essentially took the Safariland holders and added the mandated center posts per 8.6.3.C.


RIP my drill bit.  


In your expert opinions, do I have enough coverage on the cartridges per the remainder of 8.6.3.C? The rims drop below the front of the holder, and I think that's more than 45%, but I figured I'd ask.


Per the rulebook:

"Moon clip carriers must either be of open top configuration that covers at least 45% of the diameter and 100% of the cartridge height when viewed from the front, and must retain the moon clip by tension and a stud that protrudes through the center of the clip, or..."

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I would say so, I did the same thing with California Gun Works Holders.  I removed the original insert and machined the center posts out of bolts I had, then drilled and tapped so I could retain them to the holder.  What did you use, looks like plastic of some kind.  My way makes them a bit heavy, but not bad.

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Acetal rods. I've built my own moonclip holders in a few different varieties (I'm cheap) so I had them lying around. 


I can build a kydex "shield" for the front if anyone thinks it's warranted but I don't want to waste the effort if not.

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