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Everglades “Way-Back” Mount


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I’m an A class limited minor USPSA shooter (primarily shoot 3 gun) and have been looking at setting up one of my spare 9mm 2011s as an open minor set up. 


Many of the malfunctions I’ve seen out at the range with open guns are when pieces of brass hit the optic mount and bounce back into the port. Is this just due to improper installation? Or a poorly adjusted extractor?


I was looking at Everglades Ammunition for a standard mount and found their “Way-Back” optic mount. It seems to solve the problem of the optic covering the ejection port, but I don’t see anyone really using them. I figure if it had zero draw backs everyone would be rocking them, so my question is, why wouldn’t you run this?


Does it mount the optic higher? Obviously it would impede a driver’s side slide racker, but that’s really all I can see from my limited knowledge standpoint. 



Any thoughts or experiences on the “Way-Back” optic mount would be very appreciated. 


edit: here’s link to the product




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Actually you have it backwards regarding ejection port clearance. The regular mounts are in front of the port when it's actually ejecting brass (remember the slide moves) so these would seem to re introduce all the ejection issues people had with upright cmore

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