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DMR match scope

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I have shot 3 gun and USPSA since 2009. I recently wanted to get into DMR matches. I shot my first DMR at K&M last weekend. I took my 16" 5.56 3 gun AR with a Vortex PST 1-6 Gen 2. I had the weakest scope at the match. There were static targets 300-520 yards with many of the 520 yard targets being 12" plates and moving targets at 150 and 300.

I did ok, I had a lot of hits, hit all the movers, but it was hard making out the long shot coyote and bobcat steel targets, reading wind and seeing misses with a 1-6x. I was much slower than the better glass.


I am building a DMR 5.56 DMR rifle. My 3 gun AR is for tac ops division (no bipod), minimalist, very light weight and set up for close paper to 500 yard full silhouettes. In DMR there is less movement and less swinging of the rifle side to side, I can afford and I need more weight. So the DRM rifle will have a better stock, 2 stage trigger, forearm with a rail and bipod.


Which scope? I think FFP will be nice for scaling at any distance. Finding targets at max mag is difficult when ranging with a SFP.


Budget: $900


Weaver 3-15x50 SFP mil, $450+/-
SWFA 3-15x42 FFP mil, on sale now for $500. I am leaning to this one. Talk me to it or away from it.
Weaver 3-15x50 FFP mil, $800+/-
Vortex 3-15x44 FFP mil, $900+

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I've had good experiences with the SWFA and Athlon BTR for value scopes.


If I were doing another long range gun I'd get the SWFA with the shims to create a zero stop (search for this on YouTube and buy the shims on eBay). 


Ditto on Snipers Hide for good deals in their classifieds. Those guys piss money away worse then 3Gunners. 



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My favorite scope at that price point is the Bushnell LRTSi or LRHSi. Good glass, very usable reticle without being cluttered, average weight for its class.  GAP was blowing the "H" models out earlier this year for something like $750 which was a screaming deal (they were normally $1200ish street price) but if you post up a WTB ad here (or on snipers hide), there's a good chance you'll find someone who bought one on a whim and still hasn't taken it out of the box and would sell it to you for what they paid.

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