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YOUR evolution of buying competition handguns

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28 minutes ago, Dutchman195 said:

XDm, Only gun I've ever seen the actual feed ramp break off the bottom of the barrel. When I was working the counter at a indoor range, it was our rental gun. 

Also, with the PRP drop in trigger, best 'drop in' trigger I have ever felt. 

It has pluses and minuses. I will still make fun of it though, just like I expect people to make fun of me for my 1911s. All is fair on the range.

Plus is, if it breaks they will fix it. But after 50,000+ rounds though some xds and xdms, i am not too worried. Did go used 2011 open gun route once, after i put less than 500 through it, the bottom of the barrel where the link pin is broke off. I just chalk it all up to crap happens  🙂


I do love the prp trigger too though

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I can honestly say I started with a M&P 40 and 3 months later purchased a 5” Eagle in 40. Roughly 4 months later ended up with a 6” Bull barrel, full length dust cover Eagle, and 6 months after that I ended up with a 6” Dawson Fast-Six Eagle. That would be my evaluation in limited guns. I am currently getting geared up for revolver. So it is amazing how quickly our choices evolve for firearms in this sport.

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