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Skeletonized Upper and Lower

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12 hours ago, aandabooks said:

Anyone have their PCC Glock Mag gun with a skeletonized upper and lower?  How does it work out for you?  Share some pics?



A couple of people down here have Lead Star PCC skeletonized rifles...  They like them...  Seem to be durable...  Only thing I've noticed is that they get really dirty, where a normal, closed upper wouldn't.

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12 hours ago, MikeRush said:

I don't have any first hand experience with a skeletonized PCC, but I do have first hand experience with case head separations in blowback PCCs. Personally I want as much containment as I can get, but the blowback receivers do look cool. 

I’ve been hit in the face with unburnt powder shooting my pcc while shooting off my left shoulder, that’s the reason I use a 9mm dust cover with a debris shield


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I have witnessed in a match, a skeletonized upper and lower catch a round that did not eject well and then tried to feed another round. The empty actually caught in one of the cutouts in the upper. It was a jam from hell. Cost the shooter major time. They look cool, but don't save that much weight.

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