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Mag hitting underside of barrel ramp


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So this is a new 9major gun on a PT frame and a STI grip. I went with a MBX mag for my reload mag. After a few practice sessions\matches, I noticed the mag lip was dented. I took the gun apart and found what is in the pictures. After a little more investigation, the front high corner of any older STI, SVI, or new MBX mag makes contact with the bottom squared corner of the feed ramp. Due to the way the gen2 STI mags are cut, they are free and clear. I have confirmed that the marring on the underside of the feedramp does not affect feeding or function of the gun, at least from what I can tell.


I guess my question is, do I have a major issue here? I don't mind using the STI mags. They've worked great for me. Also, is this issue a problem with the grip by chance? Because I've been saving to move to an EVO one of these day and if that will clear this up, all the better. Any opinions or advice is appreciated.

MBX Mag.jpg

MBX with follower.jpg

MBX without follower.jpg

STI Mag.jpg

STI Mag2.jpg

Underside of feedramp.jpg

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File the bottom of the barrel feed ramp flat so its even with the frame when the barrel is in the "Down & Back" position sitting in the frame. Doing this will also minimize the chance of the bottom edge of the ramp gouging into the tip of the next bullet in the magazine. To me this is barrel fitting 101 that a competent gunsmith should already know and setup properly from the start.

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