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Canik tp9sfx trigger return spring

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Hi, I came across one of these this weekend at a price I couldn't pass up.

So now I am working in getting the trigger in better shape.  It is nice starting with something that's already pretty good.   I have a 6.5 Glock striker spring on order as well as a reduced power plunger spring, and a freedom Smith trigger.   


My question is,   has anyone found a good trigger return spring out there?

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You might try a Glock part, but in my case I just left the OEM spring in. I got the performance I wanted without changing it.

The Freedom trigger is definitely worth the cost, but you may have a problem with misfires when using the 6.5 striker spring (I had about a 2 per cent FTF rate). If you load ammo on a 1050 you'll be able to seat primers deep enough to overcome the problem, or if you can locate Federal small pistol primers you'll more than likely fix the issue entirely.

I went with a 7 pound Glock striker spring with Winchester primers seated to 0.005 below flush and wound up with a 2.5 pound trigger, and 100 per cent reliability.

Have fun. 

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You can use a spring from a ball point pin as a trigger return spring. You will have to shorten it and bend a hook on each end of the spring. I had to play around with it until I got a good trigger reset but it will work. Home Depot sells a spring collection in a box that has at least 3 springs that are about the same diameter as the trigger spring that could be used but you have to tweak them to get them to work.

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what are the benefits of the Freedom trigger?  downsides?
my biggest complaint is the super long trigger take up - what can i do or replace to reduce the take up?
The freedom trigger definitely gets rid of take up. It breaks farther forward than the stock trigger though. I sold my freedom trigger and went back to stock trigger for that reason. It was just my preference.

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I used to have a PPQ Q5 Match and used a trigger spring kit from Sprinco (a 2.5lb-ish crisp break w/ a good return). I do not know if it works on your pistol but you may want to talk to Alan at Sprinco. It may work as both pistols are pretty similar.

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