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45acp in PCC

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28 minutes ago, Aircooled6racer said:

Hello: Get a Thompson with a 50 round drum.



Somehow i forgot about a Thompson with a drum, damn unAmerican of me I know, so i change my vote to tommy gun.  If you cant swing the tommy gun then just be lame like the rest of us and go with a 9 haha

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I was going to joke about buying a gun because you have a set of dies for a certain caliber, then I remember I've bought guns because I found half a box of ammo in a caliber I didn't own :)


If you are actually looking for a PCC in .45, go get a Kriss Vector (preferably an SBR).  The G21 mags + extension are supposed to be 25 rounds, but most of mine hold 26 or 27.  A little thump, but accurate and oddly well balanced.

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I vote for the Thompson.  If I could figure out a way to operate the righty controls (I'm a lefty) I would seriously consider it just for the cool/fun factor and because dad fought with one in WWII.  I'm not going to be winning anything even if I show up with a Dillon minigun so why not??  ?


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If you are at all serious about shooting PCC I would get a 9mm conversion kit and dies for the 1050.

If you a just looking to build a 45 caliber PCC then proceed.

The savings on bullets will quickly cover the cost of the conversion kit if you shoot very much.

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On 11/9/2018 at 7:07 PM, Blaster said:

I just inherited a dillion 1050 in 45acp. 45 brass is just as cheap as 9mm and bullets not that much more.So the big question is mag capacity , any idea

Yes the brass may not be any more costly but the bullets sure are.  As an example Montana Gold 9 mm 124 gr JHP are $345 for a case of 3750 while their .45 230 gr JHPs are $368 for a case of 1900. That's a over twice as expensive per bullet for the 45's.


Another problem is that .45 ACP brass is now made with both large and small primer pockets so, unless you are buying new brass only, you have to sort and separate the cases by primer size.   Then you either settle on one primer size and discard the rest of the brass or reset your primer station for each one.  9mm brass all takes the same primer size.

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