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Muzzle Brake / Comp

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I am an Open Pistol Shooter, for almost 2 decades, so a little bit familiar the comp/?load relationship, does this hold true with rifle, just replaced my VG6 epsilon comp to SJC Titan comp with more side ports. H335 is the powder with 55gr bullet is what  I'm using right now which is a fast burning, will a medium or slow burning powder  makes the Titan more efficient. Really don’t care about blast . Lol

btw here’s the my rifle specs 

18” rifle gas

odin adjustable GB

Faxon LW BCG

Vltor A5 system, 3.3oz buffer


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I haven't noticed it makes as much of a difference as it does in a handgun. Shooting form will mitigate more recoil in a rifle instead of chasing the "new shiny" when it comes to comps. The titan is a great comp and you won't be disappointed. Work on getting a solid foundation and shoot whatever load your rifle likes best.

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