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New CZC Gun


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I think it's just meant to be a high end "practical" target pistol.  95% of everyone here on Enos looks at shooting through the lens of USPSA/IPSC (and maybe a couple holdouts who still shoot IDPA lol) but it's important to remember that we are a tiny minority within the greater shooting world and there is a whole world out there of CZ owners who've never even touched a shot timer, much less shot a match.  And they would certainly buy a semi-custom CZ given the opportunity. I believe that is the target customer for this gun.  CZC can already cut your slide to accept either an optic or an iron-sighted cover plate so you can swap between CO and Prod in moments. They don't need to make another pistol to do the same thing. Not to mention there "optic ready" slides coming from CZ-UB imminently.

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2 hours ago, Elcidaviator said:

It looks beautiful, but I can’t figure out the intended use.  


Do they expect to sell enough to get on the production list?  I think the real market for a production gun is a pistol that Can be shot in production and carry optics by swapping a slide.  This is way to heavy for that.

Those are good questions.   It's really heavy.  I think my s2 is the max weight I'd want to work with for production.  It does look cool though.

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11 hours ago, philippshen said:

don't know about you guys, but i am not a big fan of round trigger guard, do they offer square trigger guard as an option?


I kind of like that round cut on this. looks like they undercut the front of the trigger guard a bit, and I like how the whole trigger guard section going around the trigger is slightly recessed.

But man.... that thing is HEAVY!

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5 hours ago, ajblack said:

It weird that they would use the regular CZ ring hammer instead of the custom hammer on a fully custom gun. I also wonder what benefit the P-09 mags bring to the table

Probably a ring shape but I highly doubt it's cut and functions like a factory ring hammer.


I would expect this thing to have all the bells and whistles straight out of the box 

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4 hours ago, robchavous said:

But do the mags still rattle when full?

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Shots fired!

The best solution I've found is to buy Mecgar mags. Those are some sweet mags.  Unfortunately they don't make a TS mag, and perhaps not a P07 mag.

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The target market is for USPSA/IPSC. It’ll make both production lists.

Bull barrel, heavy, P-series mags cause they are cheap, can take 75 series mags with different grips.

I will be buying multiple lowers/uppers to use in PD, PDO & Standard.

CZ aren’t selling their S2 OR slides seperately, only whole guns. If you already have an S2 it’s a much better option to buy a bare slide and mill it yourself.

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