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JP or MBX for new PCC rifle.

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I love my GMR 15. Never an issue. I had a broken firing pin once and it still never malfunctioned.

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Had a MPX and had nothing but problems.  Nervous to shoot it in matches.  So bought a JP and have not looked back.  ALWAYS runs!

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Hi all

Noob here with a silly question


I live in a Europe so i'm very limited to choices. Couple of days ago got my 1st carbine. ADC 9mm 12.5" blowback. Going to shoot factory 115 or 124 

Currently i have only 2(3) options with buffer choices. 


1) MBX , but A2 Rifle lenght


2) JP SCS Gen2 9mm


3) There is also a third option on Brownells  


KYNTEC AR-15 9MM Hydraulic Recoil Buffer..

But it's not available and they don't know when it will be back in stock.


1 Question. What should i choose in that particular setup (12.5" blowback + factory ammo)

2 Question. Do i get it right? MBX A2 / A4 difference is only in a spacer ? Can i put this A2 thing in my carbine tube without a spacer? (and it should work too :) )


sorry for bad grammar




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JP’s reputation and reliability is 100% Resale value is extremely high on these rifles


I love my GMR 15 !


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