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How did you save money for your 2011s?

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May be out of print, but if you can find it: “How to Live Cheaply with Style” it is a great book.


To add to that, I would say: Before you buy a new gun, look into the same steps as preparing to buy a home. In other words, pay off credit cards ( high interest and bad debt-to-income ratio), sell non-performing assets, sell any car that is on a note (also bad debt/income ratio) and buy a beater for cash (used Volvos are a popular choice), and address any credit issues like slow pays, no pays, judgements, old school loans, etc. (bad debt). Then re-finance your mortgage on a 30yr. if you have one, and if you don’t, then buy a home before you buy a new gun. After that, your credit rating will go way up and you can buy a newer car at a lower rate and your new gun with a clear conscience. 


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When purchased my first custom handgun I had to sell two Glocks and my Springfield Trophy Match.  I regret selling my Trophy Match. 

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