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Multiple Disciplines Multiple Guns?


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So I do not have the money for a bunch of different guns. But I really enjoy shooting different disciplines. I shoot mainly USPSA, but also proam, some steel matches, and when I can Bianchi. I am wondering if it is really as bad of a thing as I am told and read to use the same gun for different disciplines. To me shooting is shooting. I want to be the best I can possibly be in USPSA, but the rest is just for the fun of shooting. So why would it ever be a bad thing to shoot them with the gun that I enjoy shooting. From what I am told the difference is I am not staying consistent with the feel of my gun by switching to different loads. But why is shooting not just enough?

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2 hours ago, RustedFrog said:

 why is it a bad thing to shoot the gun I enjoy shooting.


It is NEVER wrong or bad to shoot the gun you enjoy shooting.


I shoot my TruBor with Major 9mm loads for steel (the RO's laugh

about how easy it is to score my hits).   I enjoy shooting …  period     :cheers:

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