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Spare Parts?

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So myself and a friend are shooting the 3 Gun Nationals in SC this November.


This’ll be my first time traveling far  to a match as I’m in PA.


I run a Benelli M2 3 Gun Edition, so far no major issues. What if any spare parts should I keep on hand?


Thanks in Advance

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Until you get a ton of rounds on a Benelli there are very few things likely to go wrong. Magazine tube springs are the most common thing needed, but if you replace before a major match you’ll be good. I carry a few extra o-rings for the firing pin retaining pin, a front sight insert or two, and an extra mag tube spring. A spare charging handle is not a bad idea, I saw one break last weekend (aftermarket).

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Part I have replaced for shooters while out on the range. (Over the several years, some only once in those years, some parts were just dropped or knocked off and lost)


Magazine spring

Magazine follower

Lifter spring

Shell latch

Shell latch spring

Shell latch pin

Firing pin retainer pin

Firing pin spring

Bolt release button

Bolt handle

Front sight bead insert

D clip spring from the trigger group bushing

Trigger group pin

Recoil pad


99.8% of the time a magazine spring and bolt handle will be the most used fix-it in your kit.

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