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Taylor Goliath +20 Glock Magazine Extension

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2 hours ago, SJMPCC022 said:

I was having fits with a TF +10 on a Glock big stick. I e mailed Robin and he had me send the whole smash in and he tweaked it a bit and now it works great.


Good guy to deal with, understands customer service.

Same here with a +10 on Colt mag.  TF has great customer service.

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2 hours ago, cecil said:

do you have them for Colt style magazines ??


Pretty sure the manufacturer is not a poster in this thread.


If you go to Taylor Freelance's site you will see they do not offer the Goliath for Colt mags at this time. 

They do offer a +10 extension and the "Theodore" a 66rnd Colt style mag assembly.

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If you are looking for colt mag extensions, I highly recommend the TF.  I have two of them and I did nothing but remove the factory retaining place and basepad, and attach the TF, and both have run 100%.  

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2 hours ago, Aircooled6racer said:

Hello: Do these screw together and how easy is it to clean the magazine with it installed? Thanks, Eric

Just checked the TF website and the back plate screws onto the main body with 6 allen head screws. The back appears to have three holes to view number of rounds. A baseplate slides on and is held in place by a spring loaded quick release push pin. There is a video on how to assemble it and install and remove the baseplate for cleaning. The baseplate looks to be easy to remove for cleaning and the rest of the unit stays on the mag screwed together. Just to be on the safe side, I am holding off on ordering until I find out how this all will work in practice.

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Also, can anyone compare this to the MBX mini extension? Weight, function, etc.?
The TF is heftier than the Mini and, definitely holds the mag body more firmly. The transition area btwn the mag and extension is very clean. Haven't shot with the TF so, no feedback yet.

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