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Do you load a single mag for PCC or use one for each string.

Do you load a single mag for PCC or use one for each string.  

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14 hours ago, Hammer002 said:


This is interesting, and what I have seen may not pertain to you, but I know a few guys like this.  I usually try to RO for them because they are looking for a cadence through all 5 strings.  Two guys I know get pretty frustrated with the RO if he is not keeping the pace they like.  Especially if something out of the ordinary happens.  It’s like they are trying to shoot 5 strings as one.  I told one of them, a friend of mine, I thought he was leaving too much influence to the RO.  He will shoot well if I run him or another RO that is ready to go, go, go at his pace, but then he will shoot bad if the RO takes longer than he likes to communicate with the scorekeeper or otherwise not be “fast.”  I like to control the pace, giving plenty of time for scoring and what not.  Usually the RO is waiting on me to be ready, not the other way around.  Usually only a few seconds, maybe longer if I have to mentally regroup.



We shoot together often.  When I shoot rfro, I use a 25 round magazine for my 15-22 and change after 4 runs.  I have definitely messed this up before.  Have a little different routine with that gun, but I know exactly what you mean.  The weight doesn’t seem to matter on this one, but I have learned to keep my pre shot mental routines the same between the 2 rifles.  You are right, and it gets harder to remember what run it is when other things happen, like reshoots, or a break in shooting due to tablet failure, etc.

Definitely a difference in weight between 22 lr and 9mm's!

I always plan on shooting "only" five rounds per string, BUT things don't always go to plan so I figure 10 rounds is a safe cushion, 9 in SS.  Unless it's revolver then it's 8, or gasp 6 when I'm in the mood!

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On 10/9/2018 at 6:41 AM, stick said:

I was shooting with another GM at a match this past weekend.  He asked if I had big sticks for my SCSA PCC.  I immediately pulled out two 33rd Glock mags with TF extensions and a ETS 33rd mag with a mini MBX extension.  I inquired why he asked.  He said "why do you change mags after every string?  Perplexed, I looked at him and said It gives me a second to think about my next string. (I use 6 17rd glock mags) His reply got me thinking.  If you're on a roll, It keeps your momentum going and you can get into a groove.


What do you use?

Great question. I always put in 12 rounds each magazine and I reload after every string. I keep my routine consistent and it’s repeatable. If I have a bad string it gives me a moment to reset and prepare for the next. Find out what works for you and do it. 👍👍

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