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Timing problem: has been back to the factory twice for warranty repair.


Have retimed it myself many times: problem always returns.


Problem continued, decided that Dillon can't fix: cut shellplate openings larger to avoid primer flip.

This is not the best solution; but it helps.


At what point does Dillon owe me a new machine; or do I send it back for warranty work again?



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Are you sure you are hitting all the stops?  I have only had a problem when I short stroke the press.  When I notice it misses, I just raise the tool head fully and it resets itself.  Mine only happens one in a thousand or so, usually when I get something stuck and it drops another case onto station 1

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How long have you had the press?

When did it start having timing issues?

What kind of timing issues?

How did you cut out the shell plate holes?

Did you try a new shell plate?

Do you have the timing issue with all calibers?

Has Dillon given you a report on what could be wrong?

I've never had an problem with a Dillon press that couldn't be fixed, and never needed the entire press replaced.

Please be a little more specific and I'm sure someone here can help. Pictures or a video would help as well.


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