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Change straight trigger on X5 for a curved one?

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Hi folks,


I recently bought an X5 and love it. However, I may be in the minority here but I’m not crazy about the straight trigger. I’ve shot a 320 and really prefer the feel of the curved trigger. I bought the X5 for all the features it does have over the 320. I’m getting great results in Production, but I just prefer the curved trigger. I’ve sent GGI an email about it, waiting to hear back. Does anybody have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance

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You can't go wrong with a GGI trigger, straight or curved.  Consider going beyond just the trigger and get the competition kit.  It's a snap to install and the pull is way better.  Alma Cole has excellent videos on YouTube for installation.

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Old post but feel compelled to respond.


I got the GGs curved trigger with their competition kit for my 320 X5.  They did not have the straight trigger kit in stock at the time and I have no patience so I ordered the curved trigger kit.

My plan was to get the straight trigger when they were back in stock.

Well, I am perfectly fine with the curved trigger and will not be swapping it out

To each his own but the GGs competition kit with the curved trigger works great for me.



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