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Hotels, Which one not to use!

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Thought I would put this under things I hate!  But think it fits better here


Eastern Lakes Sectional is this coming weekend at Pathfinder gun club in Fulton, NY.  It's a great club with great people etc.

Signed up for the match and help RO the next day.

Made plans, got vacation, booked hotel!!!


Had confirmation number for the Red Roof Inn , Fulton NY.  IT's just around the bend from the match, all was good.

Then!!!  Got a phone call last night: 3days before the match starts etc.  "We rented your room out to someone else with the 

power company, they rented the whole hotel". "So you're out!"

WHAT!  I have a conformation # etc etc etc.  We don't care, you're not getting the room.


Obviously very upset.  Was able to make arrangements via Red Roof Inn customer service.  They did a great job! (20 miles away but !)

So I'm not pissed at Red Roof Inn as a company just the one in Fulton NY.  So if by chance you rented a room there for the ELS.  

Better call them and see if you still have one.



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8 hours ago, CTJer said:

Damn, that’s messed up.  


I blame Cuomo.  

Probably is comrade Cuomo fault!

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