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Updated for 2018 - ESP/CDP slide cuts/full rails? Gettin' crazy...

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Howdy, IDPA folk!


I'm starting to eye the local indoor match now that revolver season is coming to a close and winter is soon to arrive. I was just re-reading the rules before dusting off my vest and flashlight and it looks like a few things have changed since I last shot IDPA (which would have been sometime in 2016).


- As far as I can tell, slide lightening cuts are now legal? 8.1.7.E makes a provision for factory machined slides. I don't see anything in 8.1.8 that forbids them, and (ESP) and (CDP) both allow for "Slide checkering, serrating, engraving, and other machining". I assume this covers slide windows and the like?

- I remember full-length and railed dustcovers not being legal. I can't find a rule on that in the 2017 book - did it change?

- Lastly, and mostly as a joke... I don't see anything forbidding thumbrests other than having too much clearance between the handgun and your body when holstered. Am I just slow? (very possible)



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Obviously this was 3 months ago, but I figured I should chime in for clarity's sake.


1. Yes, lightening is now legal.

2. Full length dustcovers have been legal since 1/1/2017.

3. A thumbrest wouldn't fit the box. That's the main one I can think of.

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