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Briley barrel extensions vs. longer barrel swap

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Hey folks,

I've taken a liking to shooting trap informally with a friend's thrower, and my shotgun is an M2 with a 21'' barrel.  I'm pretty set on using that shotgun because it's the one I would grab for any match my other club hosts, and more familiarity is therefore better.  So, I'm looking at a dedicated trap range for that.

My local trap range frowns upon two things: flying empties and short barrels.  They're the only game in town, so I've rubber-banded my M2 for the former, and for the latter, I'm considering one of the below options

  • New/used 28'' barrel
    • Have to swap barrels
    • Benefits of additional sight radius
    • Still my favorite shotgun controls
    • This will run me anywhere from 300-500 USD (ouch)
  • Briley 6'' barrel extension
    • this puts me just over their :( length.
    • Easier swap; just changing chokes and don't have to fuss with my barrel clamp
    • Shouldn't affect my POI, right?
    • Still my favorite shotgun, just with really extended chokes
    • 150-200 USD (much more tolerable)

I'm leaning heavily towards the barrel extensions right now since I just discovered their existence and the price is more within my current budget.  I've seen some older posts here with no initial complaints, but now that it's 6-8 years down the road from those, I was curious if there are some glaring flaws with them that I've missed.

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