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Getting DQed. A lot.

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With all due respect, but dropping a gun or an AD IS forgetting to be safe. Which is why it's  an immediate DQ offence, not just a warning. Forgetting a target is the cause of laughter (and sometimes groans), forgetting safety isn't.


Anxiety is a tough thing to overcome in competitive shooting, and as we know sometimes the toughest challenges come from within. I shoot a lot of rifle silhouettes, which I enjoy because of the simple mantra - each shot is on its own. Not the one before, not the one coming up. But each, individual shot has to be taken with your head in the moment. I shoot IPSC, Speed and MultiGun for similar reasons, because I have to clear my mind before I start the stage and focus. I may not be a world champion or super duper GM poobah,  but I'm having a ton of fun while shooting, which is why I do it.

Your loop of anxiety = problems = DQ = anxiety, that's a toughie for anyone. Personally I'd look at other external factors, perhaps have someone video you on stages to see if there's a trigger.

And finally, ask yourself - why are you shooting ? There's a million reasons but only you have to answer to yourself (crickey, sounds like a hippy BS !), perhaps that might help your anxiety.

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I will play around with trying to find a placement for my finger and maybe using that grip tape idea.    

I have a partial square of clear grip tape on the right side of my 2011, just in front of the pin (see pic). As others have mentioned, it's a nice reference during movement and reloads. 37fc3ddff74e4c649594e162d8230034.jpg

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I always will jog back and forth a few times and do some stretching.

I used to find myself on the edge of puking on stage 1 of any major match.

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On 9/5/2018 at 3:42 PM, CrashDodson said:

Honestly by the time the match starts im so tired and my mind is on making the match run smooth I dont have a lot of focus for my own shooting.  Granted I do usually shoot well, just not a major match level of intensity and focus.  I also know thats just not in the cards unless I hand off the MD reins to someone else. 


I was RIGHT WITH YOU at the beginning of this year. Married with 2 children and after the whole week, then running a long range rifle match. By the time I got to shoot in the match, I was so tired. Of the 10-15 matches I ran through the years, I only won one of my matches. I finally had to put up my Match Director hat after 3 years and call it good. I have taken a break from long range rifles ("put the rifle down for awhile") and am only concentrating on my own USPSA handgun skills.


I hate to say this but maybe it is time for you to start enjoying the sport again and step away from the administrative side. I would recommend that you make it gradual and start looking for people to replace you.


Trust me, it is okay to do this. There will be others who will step forward to help. They understand the sacrifice, if they don't, then screw 'em and move to a better shooting area. We love Reno here. You are welcome. We'd love to have ya!!

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