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P320 magazine competition base pad


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I have a Sig P320 X5 and I want to use the gun in IPSC production. I want to change the base pads of the standard 17 round magazines with competition base pads.

The problem is I'm in Europe and I can't find such base pads for P320 magazines over here. I would like springer base pads but they don't ship internationally. Henning not, Taran tactical not, ...

And I still haven't found a shop who ships them internationally :(


I'm wondering if I can use base pads for other guns on a P320 magazine. P226 or CZ base pads? These I can purchase in Europe and there are also European manufacturers.

I have a Tanfoglio Stock II and Eric Grauffel base pads but those don't fit on the P320 magazine.



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On 9/1/2018 at 6:50 PM, bossgvr4 said:

This is hearsay but I thought I read somewhere that M&P basepads could be modified to work with P320 mags. I don;t have any links or sources but I "think" I read that somewhere.


No modification necessary as far as I can tell.


My TTI M&P extended base pads (140 mm) will fit on my 320 mag tubes like they were made for them.


Similarly my TTI 320 standard base pads fit on my M&P mag tubes.


I would jump to the conclusion that the base dimensions of both tubes are very, very close.


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