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Ruger PCC - any add-ons needed?

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I just picked up a Ruger carbine. I see there are a few aftermarket accessories out there for it. I'm wondering how much of it is actually needed for USPSA. 


Comp effectiveness has been debated here already. I plan to play with a few that I already have vs. light loads. 


There are magwells and big mag release buttons. But reloads are pretty infrequent in PCC. I plan to do some reload drills and try to get a feel for how much I really think one would help. 


So aside from a trigger job, is there much more that one would need to add for one of these guns?

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Nothing is ever “needed” but that’s the fun in owning guns and being able to switch out and customize guns. I would shoot it and see what you feel would make a difference. I know for me having a magwell on a PCC makes a huge difference when reloading. While reloading during a stage rarely happens in USPSA it will come up in a classifier so it is benaficial but not needed. 

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Assuming you are going to use an optic, consider a pic rail adapter that replaces the factory rear sight.  That way the gun's zero cannot change when you use the "take-down" feature for cleaning.  It's also a very good location for open dots like the Vortex Venom or Leupold Delta Point Pro as it's very fast to pick up the dot.


I have on on my Ruger PC Carbine made by bmiller, a member here, and it fits perfectly.   



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I installed a Taran Compensator, Vortex Venom and The Taccom competition package on mine .

I shot a steel match with it last weekend and had a blast .
The only thing I have found so far is that you need to check the nut that tightened up the barrel where it breaks a part after each stage .

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18 hours ago, MegaCleanCab said:

Also I changed to the taccom barrel mount rail

I have both the Taccom and bmiller's rails. Brian's is shorter and makes a neater installation with a short red dot like the Vortex Venom or Leupold Delta Point.   The Taccom is longer and overhangs small red dots but would be good for longer optics that need more rail space.   Both fit the gun perfectly.

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