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Shotgun Sporting Matches


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So I'm transitioning into the shotgun sports, a little over USPSA, thinking of giving it a good break, figure out if I miss it too much or not.

I have the USPSA Open Nationals planned, will run that and step away for a bit.


I've picked up my O/U shotgun and played sporting clays a few times,  shot an AWTF event down at the Meadows in Forsyth GA., shot a few informal Trap events and my first ATA event at my gun club (CGC) this past weekend.


What else is there to shoot in the shogun world?

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Annie Oakley events are fun with some money on the line. Sporting and 5 stand is what I mostly shoot now. Been shooting trap off and on for 6 years. If your club throws a flurry type of game, that’s the most fun. We can set up 8 traps and program a menu to throw up to 75 Targets with a set amount of time in between. 

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No, flurry is more of a fun, fast paced game. In flurry trap, the trapper holds down the fire button, and targets come out every 2-3 seconds. We usually have a team of two shooting 20 targets while only

loading one shell at a time. You have to load quick. 

For sporting clays, we set up a 5 stand and have one, two, or three shooters. Basically the same as trap except that you load two shells and we have the targets thrown from 6-8 different traps every 3-4 seconds. You would need one of the mtx8 or similar controllers from ez pull Inc. 

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If you are not a humble person, wobble trap will turn you into one. You have to be fast, because you might get a lazy lofting clay one time, and a zinger of a daisy-cutter the next. Shooting clay sports is quite fun. I happen to be blessed with the Tucson Trap and Skeet club 1 hour from me. But mix it up. Shoot different games on different weekends. 

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